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We created this clan with the hopes of becoming one of the greatest clans, but that's not all. We are looking for players who are looking for friendship higher than the friends cap, people who aren't cut out to be y-1 regulars, and most of all; trustworthy members that we can count on. If you think you have what it takes to be in this clan, then feel free to sign up!

Welcome new members and guests! On behalf of the entire clan, we welcome you to our site. If you're interested in joining then please register on the site. You will recieve a PM automatically asking you to answer some questions, just to filter out the members, don't let this get your hopes down; you're really likely to get in. We don't have high limits but we can't just let anyone join. First off you need to be at least level 25 in game, this shouldn't be too much of a problem for most players. Second, you need to be able to at least log in and post twice a day. If this is not achieveable for you then sorry, but you're not what we're looking for. You can NOT be in any other clans. Sorry but we need loyal members. There are more rules but you will get to those when you become activated.

The Network was made by 2 players who wanted to make a difference and add a whole new meaning to clans. There were 2 founders, Broly and Mark. They were originally part of a great clan (out of respect, that clan shall remain nameless), but didn't like the way they were running things. They wanted to prove that a clan can be more than a community trying to be better than anyone else. So they quit to form; The Network.

Broly; he was of the best recruiters in all of AQW, having recruited most of the current members in the past clan. He's great at social skills and managing most of the clan. With the nearly endless ideas he has, the sky is the limit for us! And then there's Mark; he manages how the site looks and makes sure everything is stable and secure. He also is the main graphic artist for the clan, maintaining the site and it's design. With these two's skills The Network WILL succeed!

Story (being worked on)

A poem dedicated to The Network

"The Network isn't leaving any time soon, call it the dynasty.
What's the hidden agenda, as always devour to what we claim ours.
'Til we demolish what's left here to accomplish.
Whether it's a plan but due date flourished into a mighty clan.
Devour any apposing new members as if they're spicy curry; so we hurry to recruit many,faster than lighting's bolt, 'til we gather together as if we're a cult.
Like each of our agents were born forever nobles we don't stop till we hit nothing but global.
Time wise we go beyond global from roaming in ancient Babylon to the new world we set foot to Battleon.
Out casted and forbiddan, we stand tall for were never hidden
Don't judge glamor between grammar till you learn to accept the bigger picture or whats given.
The enemies only error is if they think they can strike within our hearts with terror, with no second chance they step in line one by one they fall we conquer and rise!
Take a seat 13th Lords of Chaos, you may corrupt enemies just so they erupt, but we'll devour you whole
One sign up click will lead you to a portal, you may as well join to be immortal." ~Brolyssj4 & Crystal Magma